Rebuilding & Refinishing

Work With a Registered Technician, Not Just a Dealer
Piano rebuilding

Major and Minor Repairs

We now offer complete piano rebuilding services at our new shop. Contact Just-In-Tune Piano Services for details. Rely on Justin to complete most minor repairs in your home. With the elaborate guidance of our owner, Justin Brown, we can care for pianos in all conditions. Whether you need quality services for your antique piano or contemporary acoustic, look no further than us.

Let an Expert Rebuild Your Piano

It is important to check your piano technicians' credentials when it comes to having them work on your piano. You may not realize the extensive process involved in fully rebuilding a piano, but it requires expertise, hundreds of professional tools, and countless hours of work.

Careful Work and Skilled Improvisation

Although most rebuilds take from one month to a few months, depending on the amount of work, every piano is unique and presents distinctive challenges, so completion times vary. 

Adjustments are necessary to fit new parts into older pianos, and some problems are not evident until a piano is disassembled. This is where Justin's true knowledge of the working parts of a piano comes into play and where he can properly improvise a solution!

Ask Justin for his references, and he will proudly provide them.
K. Kawai piano

Make Your Piano Case Look Like New

Our spray room is up and running. Get in touch with us today for a full piano case refinishing service and let us make your piano look fresh and new again!

Please call 410-829-9631 to discuss our services in greater detail. Check out our project gallery page for images of Justin's work and craftsmanship.
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