Work With a Registered Technician, Not Just a Dealer

Full Piano Regulation

Regulation, a series of adjustments to the piano action, is rarely performed anymore. Make your piano the excellent exception in the area. Buy a piano from Just-In-Tune Piano Services today.

Don't Buy an Unadjusted Instrument

In order for the pianos to play correctly, regulation adjustments should be made to all new and used instruments before they are sold. Unfortunately, most dealers are sales persons and lack the training required to maintain the product they are selling.

If a dealer does not have a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) on the staff, you have a pretty good idea of the quality of work that is being sold. Dealers typically hire the cheapest unqualified person to do the minimal amount of work and save a few bucks.

Newly Shipped Pianos Need Corrections

When a new piano is shipped to a location, it goes through a lot of movement and jostling. Humidity can lead to sluggish or sticky keys while parts can be physically compressed to the point where the piano loses its correct dimensions. This hampers a piano's performance greatly.

Our owner, Justin Brown, has rarely taken possession of a new piano that did not need anywhere between half a day to three days of regulation to get it ready for sale!
Piano regulation

Stop By to See and Hear the Difference

Justin fully preps himself, and inspects every piano (new or used) we sell, for three days to ensure its quality. After the sale, he will help deliver it and will personally maintain your piano if you are in his vicinity.

Learn more about piano regulation and then call 410-829-9631 today. Please schedule an appointment, and we will show you some very important steps in regulation. Compare it with the other pianos and you will see, and hear the difference for yourself!

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