Work With a Registered Technician, Not Just a Dealer
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Registered Piano Tuner

When you are locating a piano technician, research all the credentials provided and then choose Just-In-Tune Piano Services. 

Proper Schooling Matters

Appropriate schooling is essential to ensure an accurate and lasting piano tuning. Ours is a field of expertise and not a profession that can be picked up through an Internet course or by watching videos.

The so-called "tuners" who do not have the proper training can do a lot of damage to your instrument. They can charge you incorrectly as well, to tune a piano that is not tunable.

Justin Brown - A Graduate in Piano Technology 

Our owner, Justin Brown, is a graduate of the North Bennet Street School of Piano Technology in Boston, MA. This is the only major piano school in the United States that provides extensive piano training.

In order to graduate, students have to score an 80% or above on tuning, regulation, repairs, and a written test. The final exam required Justin to tune orally (by the ear), from start to finish, and no electronic tuning devices were used throughout his training.

The stability of Justin's tuning work was also tested.
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Registered in Tuning By the Ear

Since his graduation, Justin was working as an apprentice under a master technician with over 50 years of experience.

Our owner, Justin, is a member of the Piano Technicians Guild as a Registered Piano Technician (RPT). To become an RPT, Justin had to pass a series of timed tests, part of which consisted of tuning by the ear.

Schedule Your Piano for Regular Tuning

Here in the Mid-Atlantic States, we recommend that you get your residential pianos tuned every six months. Humidity and temperature has the potential to influence a piano's ability to stay in tune. So, it's best to schedule your home tuning after the piano has adjusted to the air-conditioning or heat in your home.

Most church pianos need more frequent tunings because the temperatures are not kept constant during the week. Concert pianos should be tuned prior to every performance.

Sound Advice on Repair Possibilities

In order for a piano to hold a proper tune, the tuning pins must have the right amount of torque. Most pianos over 40 years old will require the tuning pins to be reset prior to tuning.

If we discover that the torque measurements are too low on your piano, you will be advised on the best course of action. We will let you decide what to do with your piano. If your piano is worth salvaging, but requires more than a pin reset, then we will suggest other rebuilding options.

For more information or to schedule a tuning, call 410-829-9631 today.

Quality Piano Appraisals

When you need to know what your piano is worth, let Just-In-Tune Piano Services determine its value. You'll get a written appraisal for insurance purposes or for determining its value for resale.

Get appraisals for antiques or contemporary acoustic pianos.
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Our owner, Justin Brown, is a member of the Piano Technicians Guild as a Registered Piano Technician (RPT)
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