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About Just-In-Tune Piano Services

Get complete piano services from Justin Brown, a fully qualified and educated expert and the owner of Just-In-Tune Piano Services in Denton, MD.

Justin proudly serves all of the Delmarva area, including the Annapolis area and parts of Virginia. Piano maintenance service areas include all of Delmarva and into the Annapolis area.

A North Bennet Street School Graduate!

Justin attended the North Bennet Street School in Boston, MA, and graduated from their courses in piano technology in 2003. 

North Bennet is one of the only two prestigious schools in North America that is qualified to train piano technicians, and North Bennet offers the more rigorous and in-depth training of the two.

Music Festival Technician

After graduation, Justin worked as a technician, servicing pianos in Aspen, CO. Justin was offered a position to work for a very reputable piano company, but he declined the offer because he wanted to start his own business back on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

This move allowed him to be involved in all aspects of working with pianos, including full rebuilding, tuningmovingand piano sales.
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A Fully Registered Piano Technician

Justin completed testing to become a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) through the Piano Technicians Guild. Although anyone can become a member of the guild, thorough testing must be completed before being awarded the title of a Registered Technician.

Justin is the only technician in the Delmarva area who has been trained at a piano technology school and also is an RPT.
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Apprentice to a Master Technician

Upon returning home to the Eastern Shore, Justin began apprenticing under a master technician with over 50 years of experience. This relationship helped Justin further his knowledge of working on pianos, primarily in the art of rebuilding.

Justin still has the pleasure of working with and gaining wisdom from his mentor. Though now retired, the master will come to work with Justin at his shop from time to time.
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Count on Our 14 Years of Experience in the Business

Justin has been in business now for 14 years. Through a strong work ethic and God’s blessing, Justin’s business has expanded from regular piano tunings to include owning and maintaining his own rebuilding shop. He has also developed his business in piano moving and the newly added retail aspect of the trade.

Justin sells only high-quality pianos that are backed with 10-15 year warranties - the longest in the industry. Justin believes in quality work for all areas of his business, but ultimately holds himself to the highest standard of performing his work for the Lord.

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men. 
- Colossians 3:23
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A Piano Dealer With a Difference

Justin decided to get into piano retail in 2010. Unable to recommend local dealers, he started carrying quality used brand-name pianos, such as Yamaha, Kawai, Mason and Hamlin, and Steinway, along with a new line, Hailun.

Because he is a technician in the retail business, he brings great benefits to both the dealer and the purchaser. Justin knows the workings of a piano both inside and out. He knows quality, and he knows what the piano needs to function properly.

Justin properly and fully prepares all pianos, both used and new (yes, new pianos need regulation as well) before they are delivered to your home. When you purchase pianos from Justin, the difference will be clearly seen and heard.

Justin, several times, had to recommend additional work to customers who bought their pianos elsewhere. Instruments needed everything from $800 regulation work to even costlier re-stringing jobs in order to be in top playing condition, which is how they should have been sold, to begin with.

Justin is not just another salesman, but someone who has true knowledge of pianos and a passion for the business.

Get Quality Work From a Qualified Expert

Whenever you require an expert to handle your piano issues, contact Just-In-Tune Piano Services or call 410-829-9631. Financing is available on sales.
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